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How Anyone Can Watch BBC News Abroad

It’s a lot better nowadays for a traveller who wants to keep up with the BBC news abroad. As a news junkie, I remember spending hours of my holidays searching for British newspapers.  Often these cost a fortune and were invariably at least a day or so out of date – yet still I bought […]

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One Upon a Time Netflix Worked Like This

Any genre it is possible to consider, Netflix probably has it. Whenever you’re watching Netflix, you don’t need to worry about these. Well, if you’re considering joining Netflix, I shall supply you with even more reasons in this composition. Yes, even if you choose the old fashioned version – Netflix will get your DVDs on Monday. […]

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Listen to Cricket Outside UK

It’s not quite perfection but it comes pretty close for me , here’s my relaxtion recipe! a couple of weeks in the sun two reasonable Test matches competitive England cricket team someone to entertain my children last but not least Test Match Special Unfortunately this doesn’t happen very often for me, so when it does […]

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UK Proxy Online – Watching British Television Abroad

It can be frustrating that whilst on holiday or travelling abroad, that you can’t access the same websites that you can normally from home. As a solution you may have been pointed towards the use of proxies as a way of avoiding these blocks.  For example many websites suggest that for watching British television then […]

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Last BBC3 Broadcast Completed

It’s seems to have  been a long time coming, but one of my favorite TV channels broadcast it’s last programme this week.  The channel is BBC3 and it’s future has been much discussed over the last couple of years with the increasing pressure on the BBCs budget.   The main audience for BBC3 is from […]

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BBC Suffers Targeted Cyber Attack

The BBC website is normally so fast and resilient that most people will check their own internet connection first if it becomes inaccessible.  However unfortunately it appears that the BBC site is becoming increasingly a target for cyber attacks from across the world.  The BBC site is often attacked but it has a high tech […]

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EU Rule Change – Watch Iplayer Abroad with License

There’s exciting news for those of us who travel a lot and find it difficult to be parted from the BBC.   At the moment, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from if you’re outside the UK then you get blocked from things like the BBC iPlayer and UK Netflix.   Even […]

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New Launch – the BBC Store

In the digital age, the BBC has definitely been one of the front runners.  The BBC site is one of the most popular on the web, and it’s media streaming service the iPlayer is at the forefront of digital media online.   Of course it’s had certain advantages, a huge budget guaranteed by UK license […]

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer from Ireland

It’s not so far away, but unfortunately when you are in Ireland, many great UK TV web sites become unavailable. Fire up the BBC home page from Dublin for instance and you won’t see the normal UK version, but the ‘International BBC home page’.  At first it appears that it’s not possible to watch BBC […]

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How to Watch ITV Player Online

I have to say I don’t watch ITV that much, and when I do it’s something that’s very specific. However this afternoon I am enjoying the French Open Tennis finals which are covered on ITV4, and when you look through the listings there’s a lot of good stuff broadcast (oh and Jeremy Kyle).  There certainly […]

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