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BBC iPlayer Figures Rise as Millions Watch Dr Foster Online

The BBC iPlayer was one of the first live media streamers on the internet, simultaneously broadcasting it’s content to terrestrial television and online. However even in it’s infancy it was difficult to imagine just how popular it would become. The BBC has just released some figures about it’s online presence which have revealed that there […]

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Watch UK TV Online Australia

Yes it’s actually  possible even from the other side of the world, you can watch UK TV online in Australia.    What’s more it’s not that difficult to do, but for lovers of British Television it’s worth the effort and the small expense.  Now at first glance you’d think this would be simple, after all […]

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American Netflix DNS Free Trial

Accessing different versions of Netflix has become extremely difficult over the last few months, and for some time it was almost impossible.  The normal methods of hiding your real location slowly disappeared as the media giant started blocking access to them.  The first to go was the simple proxy server, and with it almost all […]

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Watch UK TV Online in Turkey in 2017

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for the Briton who’s just looking for a little more sun in their life.  Current statistics are a little unreliable about how many British are actually settled in Turkey but on Western and South Western coasts you’ll find many large UK communities in places like Antalya and […]

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UK TV Online in Spain

There are several hundred thousand Britons living in Spain, and many of them face an uncertain future because of the Brexit vote to leave the EU.   The reality is that many thousands of these people will be forced to return to the UK for a variety of reasons.  Losing qualification status, right to healthcare […]

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UK IP Address in Cyprus

For a small island, Cyprus is surprisingly well supplied with both TV and Radio stations many of which broadcast 24 hours a day.     The regulatory body is called the Cyprus Radio-television Authority which covers all the stations broadcast across Cyprus. So how is the English only speaker served in Cyprus is there something […]

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Expat UK TV Online – How it’s Done

People move away from their home country and embrace the expat life for many reasons.  However it is normally understood that it can initially be a very challenging period and can cause a variety of psychological problems.   The issues usually affect most expats but they are often increased depending on personal circumstances and of […]

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How to Watch UK Netflix Abroad

A couple of years ago, getting access to Netflix when travelling was a little hit and miss. Netflix had only set up in a few countries and as soon as you left those countries your account would cease to work. It didn’t matter that it was all online, your physical location mattered – if Netflix […]

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BBC iPlayer Abroad 2017

Keeping tabs on which proxies and VPNs work with which media sites can turn into a time consuming task! There is an ongoing battle being fought between the VPN service providers on one side and the actual media companies on the other side. So for the sake of some clarity, here’s a little summary of […]

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Watching ITV Live Streaming Abroad

There are of course, many definitions of happiness stretched across different languages, cultures and nations.  However I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything come close to a group of slightly drunk, middle aged women watching an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV live in a Spanish bar last Summer!  Their laughter could be […]

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