BBC iPlayer Figures Rise as Millions Watch Dr Foster Online

The BBC iPlayer was one of the first live media streamers on the internet, simultaneously broadcasting it’s content to terrestrial television and online. However even in it’s infancy it was difficult to imagine just how popular it would become.

The BBC has just released some figures about it’s online presence which have revealed that there were over 239 million requests for programmes in the month of September 2017. It’s a staggering amount of traffic and reveals some of the huge infrastructure that supports this sort of popular website.

Why is the BBC iPlayer so Popular?

Well in essence it’s not really the technology or the interface, although these are very well presented. It’s simply the quality of the BBC programmes which continues to make the BBC iPlayer one of the most popular website on the planet. Recently a drama called Dr Foster has received both rave reviews and some incredible viewing figures. Indeed the television drama currently sits at the top of the BBC download charts with a the first few episodes of the second series accounting for over 9 million individual downloads.

Dr Foster Watch Online
Of course a large part of the BBC’s ongoing popularity is not new dramas and shows but some of it’s regular features. Television programmes like Strictly Come Dancing have a huge and loyal following which almost guarantees huge viewing figures. Also shows like Eastenders and even something like the BBC News have millions of regular viewers.

It’s often cited that the BBC is among the most ‘missed’ things for UK expats who settle outside the United Kingdom. However despite the fact that the BBC is ‘officially’ unavailable outside the United Kingdom – many of these millions of downloads originate from outside the country. Even in places like Ireland you’ll find hundreds of thousands of people regularly watch. You don’t need any special equipment to pick up the BBC in Ireland, just use a simple VPN program to hide your location.

It’s one of the reasons VPN (virtual private network) services are becoming so popular too, they have the ability to unlock huge areas of the internet which are often blocked by location.  Take for example Dr Foster, the first series is now not available on the BBC iPlayer as it has expired.  However it is available on some regional variations of Netflix – by using a UK VPN for example you could switch to the UK version of Netflix and watch series one.   Then by maintaining the VPN connection you could watch the second series which at the time of writing is still on BBC iPlayer.

In fact a VPN forms the core entertainment of many people who travel or live abroad.  Did you know that the Indian VPN can allow you to access free to air Premiership matches which are broadcast on Indian TV for free.  Using the UK VPN also allows you access to all the other British TV stations as well – Channel 4 and the ITV Hub  online can also be accessed from abroad using a UK VPN.


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