How Anyone Can Watch BBC News Live Online

It’s a lot better nowadays for a traveller who wants to keep up with the BBC news abroad. As a news junkie, I remember spending hours of my holidays searching for British newspapers.  Often these cost a fortune and were invariably at least a day or so out of date – yet still I bought them such was my desperation.  Now of course it’s much easier, the internet means that nobody is ever that out of touch, you can even find out things like local football results in minutes when you’re half way across the globe.

In fact, the internet means that you can actually watch your normal news programmes relatively easily.  This post demonstrates how anyone can watch the BBC News live online, even if they are travelling abroad or simply on holiday somewhere.

Most of the very biggest broadcasters across the world stream most of their content online too.  The BBC was one of the trailblazers of internet broadcasting and millions of people watch programmes online on their computers.   Unfortunately due to the way the BBC is funded, they restrict that content to people physically located in the United Kingdom.   Each time you connect to any part of the BBC website, your IP address is checked and your location recorded – this information is used to direct you to specific sections of the BBC website.

So if you connect to the BBC from anywhere outside the UK you will be redirected to an ‘international version’ which contains quite a lot of information but unfortunately has no access to any video or live streams that the main site supports.

Watch BBC News Live
Watch BBC News Live

Here’s the version you’ll see, it has no links to the BBC iPlayer application and there are adverts on the site (which don’t exist on the main site).   The other main difference is that if you click on the TV link instead of being able to watch all the channels live you’ll just get some trailers and snippets from the shows.

You Can Watch BBC News Live

However all is not lost, as we can see from this video there is a method  to watch the BBC News live from anywhere –

As you can see if you hide your real IP address, and connect using a UK based server you’ll be able to access the ‘normal’ BBC website and have full access to the BBC iPLayer application. Which means that you can watch all the BBC stuff (apart from a few with licensing issues) live and without restriction.

Which of course means that you can watch the watch BBC News live as it’s broadcast or connect at anytime to the BBC’s wonderful 24 hour News channel.

8 comments on How Anyone Can Watch BBC News Live Online

  1. So if I start this program, connect to a UK server then go to the BBC website – I’ll be able to watch the BBC News live? Is that correct?

  2. Yes that’s correct. Make sure you connect to a UK server first and then you’ll get directed to the normal UK BBC site which allows you to watch all the BBC channels live including the news. It’s basically just checking your IP address, if it sees a non-UK one then you get redirected to the international version which doesn’t have any of the live streaming links or BBC iPlayer.

  3. Hi mary, after you’ve picked a UK server to use (just click on it), when you go to the BBC site you’ll see the UK version. At the top will be a link for iPlayer and another marked TV – select TV and you’ll be able to watch any of the BBC channels live. To get the news live remember it’s on 10pm GMT so adjust for your time zone. They do put the News on iPlayer too if you miss it but they’re not on it for long.

  4. Hi,
    My VPN stopped working in the Summer. i used to use it to watch the BBC from Greece, does this one still work?

  5. Hi, Yes in the Summer the BBC blocked loads of VPN services and stopped all proxies from accessing the site. All the Identity Cloaker servers are fine though, I use it every day always to watch the BBC News. They do try and stay low key and switch their addresses regularly which means they rarely get affected by these purges.

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