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Expat UK TV Online – How it’s Done

People move away from their home country and embrace the expat life for many reasons.  However it is normally understood that it can initially be a very challenging period and can cause a variety of psychological problems.   The issues usually affect most expats but they are often increased depending on personal circumstances and of […]

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New Launch – the BBC Store

In the digital age, the BBC has definitely been one of the front runners.  The BBC site is one of the most popular on the web, and it’s media streaming service the iPlayer is at the forefront of digital media online.   Of course it’s had certain advantages, a huge budget guaranteed by UK license […]

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Watching UK TV in USA

When you move abroad from the UK for any length of time, there’s usually one thing that nearly all British people miss. It’s not some favorite food or drink, and of course not the weather – it’s watching UK Television. We all complain about the license fee and the number of repeats, but when you […]

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British TV Using Smart DNS

Although using proxies, VPNs and other assorted technical wizardry works great on computers for accessing blocked UK TV and other TV channels – it’s not so great for other devices.   For example a small social media poll from my Facebook friends, reveals that less than half actually watch TV on their computers or laptops. […]

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