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For years, many people tried to bypass region locks by using free proxies and there were even a few VPNs. However those days are long gone now, proxies are fairly useless as most websites detect and block them. Some of the paid VPNs still work but that depends on which media sites you are trying to access, many places like the BBC, Netflix and Hulu block most of them too.

Choosing one then can be confusing, there’s still hundreds of different options available but it’s important to check them out before you take out a lengthy subscription. If you’re looking to access specific sites like the BBC, you should always try out a short trial of UK VPN access  first to check out the service for speed and to see if it works.

UK VPN trial

Proxy/VPN Error from Netflix

The problem is that although VPNs are still pretty much undetectable, most of the large media firms like the BBC have figured out ways to detect their use and block them. One of the methods they use is to simply look at how many concurrent connections are coming in using the same IP addresses, this makes the larger services easy to spot as they often have many hundreds of users on same address.

It is possible to maintain a working VPN service that works for all media sites and provides complete anonymity but it takes a wide and sophisticated server infrastructure.  Not only do you need servers in lots of different countries, you’ll also need loads of IP addresses to spread connections across.  Ideally these should be rotated regularly so that they don’t appear in logs too often.

Specific media sites may need other types of servers and IP address ranges.  Netflix for example has blocked incoming connections from all commercially classified IP addresses.  Which means not only will most VPN services not work but you will probably not be able to stream from your workplace!  To support switching Netflix regions a VPN server must have residential classified IP addresses which are very difficult to obtain if you’re not an ISP (Internet Service provider).

Try Identity Cloaker’s  UK VPN Trial

Identity Cloaker is primarily a security program designed to keep your internet connection completely secure and encrypted. It’s been developed over twelve years alongside a highly sophisticated server network which spreads across the world.   For many travelers it serves two purposes however. Firstly if you need to access sites like online banking, email, Paypal or any password secured site it ensures your credentials are secure when connecting via a unknown Wifi or internet connection.   It’s a huge risk accessing such sites through a hotel access point or one in your local cafe or library.   A VPN encrypts everything you do, which means no-one can steal your username or password while you’re connected.

In addition to security and anonymity, it gives you the ability to control and select from a UK IP address list.  So when you connect through a UK VPN for example, you will be effectively a UK user.  All the UK TV channels like the BBC, ITV and Channels 4 will be accessible as if you were actually connecting from the UK.  Furthermore, if you switch to a US server  then you can access all the US online entertainment sites like Hulu and the American version of Netflix.   There are different online broadcasters all over  the world, including some which broadcast premium sports events for nothing.

Just like the above video, you will get the control to watch anything you like online. In that example it’s used as a UK VPN trial to access the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. However simply pick another country if you need to access any other site. Nowadays most of the legitimate sites have got rid of their UK VPN free trial download offers for one very good reason. The problem is that these offers attract thousands of people who just use for free which then gets the IP addresses blacklisted. This would effect their paying customers too so any company who wants to maintain their servers won’t risk this.

However there are some really good value short term trials which you can find, which are worth trying out first.

If the UK TV is your priority try out the . which is still working perfectly with the BBC iPlayer abroad and in fact all the major media UK and US sites.

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  1. does garcinia
    Posted October 18, 2017 at 4:51 am | Permalink

    Hi is it easy to cancel after the trial. hate getting caught up in these automatic subscriptions.

  2. uktv
    Posted October 21, 2017 at 11:18 am | Permalink

    You don’t need to cancel, it just runs out after 10 days. None of their subscriptions renew automatically, they do send an email to remind you though.

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